Thursday, November 3, 2016

[nidokidos] Instead...



Do not think of what you do not have;
Instead, appreciate what you have and can still have.
Do not think of things lost;
Instead, value what you still have and may yet find.
Do not cry over spilled milk;
Instead, rejoice in what was left.
Do not think of what you are not;
Instead, be humble with what you are and can still become.
Do not think of what others say you are;
Instead, concern yourself with what you affirm to be.
Do not think of the hours and days past;
Instead, look eagerly to times that are yet to come.
Do not think of what you failed to do;
Instead, think of those that you were able to do and can still best do.
Do not think of mistakes committed;
Instead, count the things you did right.
Do not think much of the pain you have caused;
Instead, plan for ways to make amends.
Do not think of the sufferings you now bear;
Instead, look to the comfort when relief draws near.
Do not consume yourself with thoughts of what could have been;
Instead, marvel at what has become and will become.
Do not be anxious to attain greater happiness;
Instead, content yourself with the little things which bring you bliss.
Do not aspire to fill your cup at once;
Instead, have the patience to do it little by little.
And if by chance you fail, do not fret over the empty part on top;
Instead, celebrate the space filled up.
Do not condemn nature when it is at its worst;
Instead, think of the times when it was at its best.
Do not blame luck for things you miss;
Instead, learn from things in which you have been remiss.
Nor should you curse luck or others for life's misfortunes;
Instead, accept them as part of life.
I say then, Live fully, die a little,
Learn much but question less.
Have just enough but give much more,
Be contented each time to crave much less.
Doubt less and affirm a lot,
Understand more, and be understood less.
Worry a little but hope you must,
Accept all, resist the least.
For all things happen,
In due time they must.


Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Students at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology designed 70 stylish school uniforms for a fashion show on Sunday, aiming for an overhaul of primary and middle schoolers' usual drab attire. Ugly school uniforms have become a popular meme on the Chinese internet.

Click here to see more pictures


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