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[nidokidos] Simple Ideas On How To Spend A Fun-Filled Date Night At Home!


Simple Ideas On How To Spend A Fun-Filled Date Night At Home!


Delicious but super-expensive dinners and loud, noisy pubs - not really the ideal date night, is it? But it doesn't have to be that way. Why not spend date night within the comfort of your own home? If you're short on ideas, you've come to the right place.


1. Game night


Get to know each other by battling each other to victory. Spend time playing Scrabble and test your partner's intellectual capabilities. If you have too much time on your hands, try playing Monopoly. And if both of you are into video games, what better than a night in with the XBox or the PS4, and some chips and coke?


2. Cooking date


Cooking to impress is so last season. How about cooking with someone to impress? Cooking is a therapeutic exercise for many, people are at their calmest and while cooking, you get to discuss and get to know the other person too. Not to forget those little elbow brushes, and soft touches that make cooking way more interesting. After all, couples who cook together, stay together.


3. Movie and wine night


If both of you are movie buffs and love movie marathons, a night of just that is great fun. What's more, you could have genre-based movie nights – ROM com nights, thriller nights, horror movie nights and so on. Pair movies with some good wine, relax on your partner's shoulders and enjoy.


4. Tutoring date


Well, this is ideally for those who love to ask their partners' opinion on professional/student life. Because, sometimes, our partners are our best mentors. And not every date needs to be romantic. Some nights can be to just make Presentations together, or plan which college to apply to.


5. Rainy day indoor chai date


When it rains, it's chaos on the streets. And in that stressful time, one of the most romantic things to do could be to have a cup of chai in your hand, stand in the balcony and enjoy the mesmerising rain and your partner's company.


6. Candlelit dinner date


This might sound clichéd but going out for a candlelit dinner and having one at home are different experiences. At home, you can choose which candles, which flowers, or what cuisine you want. The combinations are endless - what you need to do is create a romantic flare enough to last the night.


7. Camping night


This has to be the cutest idea ever. Camping doesn't have to be in an open forest under the pine trees. You could camp in your living room. Clear everything, set up a tent, two sleeping bags, a torchlight and camp in. This is great fun to do and makes for a very cosy setting!


8. Theme night


When things get boring and monotonous, spice up your date night with themes. The themes could be anything - say for example, it's Bollywood night. Both of you could dress up as your favourite stars. Or if it's Italian theme night, you could have pastas, pizzas and gelatos on the menu. Different themes would entail different setups and the process of planning and executing these could be great fun. A different world for just the two of you.


9. DIY photoshoot


This is for couples who love to get clicked and love selfies even more. Have different settings, different dresses, create different frames, try different poses, be candid, experiment - and take pictures. Make memories enough to paint a wall with just your pictures.


10. Kids night


All our youth, we wanted to grow up. But now that we've grown up and grown fed up, we can't wait to go back. You and your partner could just spend a night in behaving like kids. It's a great way to bond and experience something together.


11. Dance night


Dress up in gowns and tuxedos if you like, or wear whatever is comfortable. Put on some soothing songs, lock your eyes with your partner and dance the night away. This is a beautiful way to bond and the physical contact only makes it better.


12. Quizzing night


You could have quizzes to test each other, and have a reward system to make it more interesting. Quiz each other on how well you know each other and enjoy the playful fights that follow when both of you screw up.


13. Productive night


Some dates could even be productive. Road trips and vacations are the times you spend long duration with your partner and assess if you are actually ready for the long run. But planning a trip is the toughest part! Take a night out to sit down and put your heads together over a discussion and make planning easier.

14. Sports night


Put on a game on TV you both enjoy, heat some popcorn, wear your favourite jerseys and get comfortable. It's even more fun when you guys support different teams.


15. Massage night


This is the best way to relax and get rid of all the stress you have accumulated. You could take turns and give head massages, foot massages or back massages. Buy some nice scented massage oil, set the mood with some music and relax.


16. Painting night


This is going to be messy. Be sure to have loads of newspapers on the floors and put on some old clothes before indulging in a painting night. You could paint t shirts and mugs; and gift them to friends.


17. Book nights


This is essentially for couples who love to read. You can make a book club for two. Decide on a book to read; give each other a deadline and then fix a night to review and discuss. Just be careful to stay on the same page, or different view points on a book could lead to a long night of arguments.


18. Cocktail night


Instead of drinking beer, whisky, or rum, spice things up with some mean cocktails. Search for recipes on the net and get to business. Try making mojitos, shandies, LIIT, whiskey sour, or Bloody Marys. You can even create your own cocktails. Get drunk and have a good time.


19. Stargazing night


You and your partner could get a telescope or just put chairs out in the balcony, look up and chat. There are apps that tell you precisely which star is which, so you can have a fun night finding the planets. 


20. Hobby night


Often we are so caught up in our daily routines that some of our passions go unattended. Why not grab your partner and learn a hobby together? You have YouTube and online guides – that's enough to learn a new language, a new instrument, new yoga poses or even exercise routines. Having a partner will ensure that you keep each other motivated and learn together.


21. Writing night


Not everyone is a writer, and not everyone likes to write. But written messages are endearing and we can store the notes forever and look at them when we remember or miss the other person the most. Spend a night writing to each other. Writing strengthens bonds and sometimes we express better when we write. Writing nights are special, and the notes will be treasures for a lifetime

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