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[nidokidos] Helper Words to Take Good Care of Your Anger!


Helper Words to Take Good Care of Your Anger!


"At times in a life a person decides to grow up regarding their anger.  They start to see things differently and mature out.  They grow out of their immature ways of thinking and acting.  The process goes much faster and smoother if they gather some tools along the way.  Of course like any good craftsperson, they will have to sharpen their tools often."

-- Anonymous


"The more we know about each other, the less we fear each other; the less we fear, the less we hate and the less we hate, the more we love."

-- Paul William Roberts


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Helper Words to Take Good Care of Your Anger


Lynne Namka, Ed.D. © 1996


I am in charge of my own feelings.

            I own my feelings. 

            I feel them, name them and then tell them.

            It is okay to feel angry. 

            I learn how to express my anger in ways that are helpful.                 



I am in charge of my own behavior. 

            I may not be able to control by anger, but I have choices what I do with it.

            I make good choices over how I let my anger out.

            I watch my thoughts. Hot thoughts keep me angry. Cool thoughts calm me. 

            I practice cooling off.  I learn to chill myself out.  I take a mental chill pill.

            I feel good about being responsible for chilling myself out.



I remember people are precious.  I am precious.

            I stop hurting others or myself with my anger. 

            I watch my thoughts.  I watch my words.  I watch my actions.

            I own the hurtful words and actions that I do to others. 

            I learn about things I do when I am stressed and threatened.

            I stop hurting people with my words and actions.

            I feel good about treating people with kindness.  


I choose to feel good about myself through speaking out. 

            I express angry feelings in ways that are fair to others and myself.

            I use my firm and fair words:  "I feel ____ when you ____."

            I tell my feelings and then try to work things out.

            I feel good about saying what I feel and what I stand for.



I don't have to hold on to my anger. 

            I find ways to let my anger go.

            I talk about my hurt feeling and angry feelings.

            I problem solve things that make me upset.

            I keep looking until I find someone safe to talk to about my anger. 

            I talk about my words and actions that hurt others.



I take my power!

            I stand up for myself.  I stand up for others who are being hurt.

            I learn to break into my mean thoughts that I use to beat myself up.

            I feel good about learning about myself.

            I am powerful when I use my fair and firm words


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