Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[nidokidos] Extremely Impatient!


​7 pains THAT you are related​ to Impatience

1. You hate people who work slowly.

You plan your 'to-do list' and get done with your work on time;
sometimes, even before time. You hate the kind of people who take a reallylong time to finish their work. If at all you have to work alongside them for anything,
they easily get on your nerves.

2. You blood reaches boiling point when '2 minutes' turns into 30.

You know those days when you arrive on time but your friend is late andyou sit there clueless about their whereabouts? You simply do not understand why people cannot be truthful enough to tell you how much time will they take to arrive at a place.

3. You practically hate long queues.

Imagine yourself reaching the train station just in time to collect the ticket butyou see a 20-people-long queue at the counter. Isn't that irritating? And that'snot over yet. The person sitting in the counter issuing tickets is astoundingly slow at his work and look, you just missed your train. Ticks you off, doesn't it?

4. You get mad when people take their own sweet time to reply to your text.

There are moments when you really need someone to reply as soon as possible.

Especially when you want to watch a movie and the tickets are getting sold in a jiffy.

You text your friends to check if they can join you but no one replies. Only afterthe tickets get sold out they say, "Yes, I'm in!" while you bang yourhead on the wall saying, "Never mind."

5. You set a deadline to almost everything.

Whatever task you have in hand, you mentally set a deadline to do it so thatyou do not end up wasting time and more than anything else, deadlines get the bestout of you. But then you also realize that you get done with your work on time and go back.

6. Slow drivers tick you off.

An impatient person driving is not a pleasing experience. You kind of getticked off by anything and everything. More than anything, you end up swearingon people continuously throughout your drive. The rise in blood pressure and the
foul mouthing is another issue altogether. Every time you leave yourhouse, you pray for empty and idiot-proof roads. *Wink*

7. Speed gives you thrills.

Slow internet or buffering video makes you curse loudly.

The need for speed in your life is a must. Speed makes you happy like nothing else on the earth can and there's no double checking that.



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