Monday, October 24, 2016

[nidokidos] 8 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Third Wheel!


8 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The Third Wheel!




The feeling of pity is perpetual. It is almost assumed that you are sad. You secretly deter the socialisation of couples and hate it more if these couples are actually your friends. You are tagged along everywhere.

Can relate to all this? Well, Hello Third wheel! You are in for a ride. Ride of your life experiences.

1. You are the go-to person for your 'couple' friends.


They always have you along even on date sometimes which gets weird sometimes. You never mind going along with them but it is not as pretty as it sounds.

2. You hate it when people pity you.

No, I am fine. Yes, I am single. But please don't feel bad about it. #JustSaying

3. You literally run away from PDA.


Honestly, why are you even there? You feel like running away from the whole situation whether it is your friend or your best friend! Most of the times you don't know how to react.

4. You SOMETIMES get to enjoy the free deals.


Free meals or free entries which offer things like 2+1 or actually 4+1 are amazingly awesome. Don't you feel like being part of them already? The only good times, though.

5. You are tired of the number of times your couple friends have tried to set you up.


Since they love to be together, they want you to have a special someone as well. For this, they don't leave any stone unturned. Not surprised, Eh?

6. Even you are surprised at the comfort level you share with your couple friends.


You hate and love it at the same time. Love the fact that you are so comfortable with those two and hate the fact as to WHY THESE TWO?

7. Awkward times are numerous.


Awkward when your couple friends express their "love", Romantic movies, Theatres and the most random of places which can turn into the most romantic ones suddenly.

8. The couple has unknowingly given you DOs and DON'Ts for your next relationship.


You now know what to do and what not to do when in a relationship and when out of it. While you adore some of their habits, you absolutely hate the other ones.





So cuteeee

The love between them is just beyond amazing.

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