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Altaf Hussain Video Press Conference

9 9 2011 81271 1 Altaf Hussain Press Conference: Live Updates

9 9 2011 81289 1 Altaf Hussain Press Conference: Live Updates

9 9 2011 81285 1 Altaf Hussain Press Conference: Live Updates

US provided ANP funds during 2008 elections: Altaf Hussain

9 9 2011 81276 1 Altaf Hussain Press Conference: Live Updates

9 9 2011 154959 1 Altaf Hussain Press Conference: Live Updates

LONDON: MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain is holding an important video news conference in which he said that during the past days terrorists tortured and slaughtered innocent people, Geo News reported.

"If I was not the chief of my party I would come to Pakistan and take someone's life in retaliation to the violence" Hussain said.

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Altaf Hussain Letter to Tony Blair against ISI

He added that the history of Pakistan which is being taught was false and the country was a far cry from the vision of Jinnah who was a secularist and spoke of equality for all.

The press conference comes in the backdrop of Zulfiqar Mirza's accusations against the MQM and the suo moto Karachi violence case which is being heard by the Supreme Court Karachi Registry.

On Thursday, Altaf Hussain while addressing an emergency meeting of the Rabita Committee in London and Karachi said international powers were hatching conspiracies for the division of Pakistan.

He said that whatever was being done in Karachi was a conspiracy against the integrity of Pakistan.

Altaf said that he would accept martyrdom but never compromise on his ideology and mission. He asked party activists to chalk out future plans under his teachings if he is killed.

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