Thursday, July 14, 2011

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YMMMUP^        The-Karachi-World
^^          Www.TheKarachiWorld.Cjb.Net

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Salam/Hello To Everyone:

You have been added into one of the Pakistans best group you should feel proud of it.You are requested to mail Forward mails on the group so that you can share it with other members and one more thing that if yoy are new to the group remember to Introduce yourself on the group so that
other members may know about you....
You are requested to please mail Cute Pictures, Jokes, Photos, Cars, Inspirational thoughts, Wordings, Amazing Arts, Nature Photos, Scientific World, Landscapes, Friendship Cards, and Heart to Heart messages, funny, inspirational, wisdom, romance, friendship, writings and all other things you always wanted in mails. But Please remember do not send any kind/sort of RATED MATERIAL.
We shall be grateful to you.
And try to ask your friends and cousins also to join our group....
For any inquires mail us we will be glad to reply to ur mails.....
Mail us at any of the following address:

Group Mailing Address:

To visit group on the web, go to:


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